Marriage equality sparking great debate. Friday night two vastly different crowds gathering at two churches. One group celebrated, while the other prayed.  

At Southcrest Baptist Church people of all walks of faith relying on the words in the Bible. Many stood up inside the church, and said they're concerned with the direction this country is going based on Friday's decision by the High Court.
The prayer meeting nearly lasted three hours. Lubbock Senator Charles Perry was in attendance. He spoke to the group saying the work isn't done. He said it's even more important now to get down on the knees and pray, which was the consensus among those who attended. They say this country needs prayer.

However, at St. Johns Methodist Church it was a different type of celebration. Organizers say about 200 showed up celebrating marriage equality. Pastor Kevin Young said even though it is a victory, he said the work isn't over.
Young said it's going to take his side to reach to others and walk with them, because he said the change is here.