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Lamesa residents coming together to clean up Saturday night storm damage

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Lamesa Storm Damage

LAMESA, Texas (KJTV) - In Lamesa, the clean up has just begun. The small community wasted no time in its recovery efforts Sunday morning.

“[We] decided to do this instead of having church services this morning. Just load up chainsaws and trailers and get all the hands we could,” Lonny Ferguson said.

“We see a lot of people hurting after the storm yesterday. So we just got volunteers and donations and we’re providing whatever people need,” City Councilman Doug Morris said.

The devastation left behind by Saturday’s tornadic storm shocked lifelong residents, like Danny Brackeen.

“When I was a little kid, there were a couple of tornadoes that came close, but I’ve never had nothing in the city do something like this kind of damage,” he said.

“The damage was a lot more severe than we had anticipated,” Police Chief Josh Peterson said.

“First thing we noticed, water coming through our ceiling in the house so we knew something was wrong,” Sam Adams said.

Adams was sheltering in place with his wife when a massive tree fell onto his home.

“A lot of the guys that I have coached in the past have come by and checked on us and people from the church and our neighbors,” he said. “We realize how important friendships are.”

Across town, it’s the same story: twisted trees ripped from the ground, some damaging houses and others blocking roadways.

The storm also toppled more than a dozen mobile homes, brought down light poles and power lines, even sweeping trampolines up onto roofs.

The heavy rains made some streets and front yards impassible.

“We did get with the local Boy Scout troop, got some kayaks and stuff and the fire department put them in the water and have been trying to get people out,” Chief Peterson said.

The people here have weathered the storm before, and will stick together to weather the next.

“I love it here so much, everyone pitches in to help out,” Peterson said.

“This town comes together when there’s a time of need. It’s wonderful,” Morris said.

Fortunately, no serious injuries have been reported from this storm.

Residents still have serious concerns about sewage backwash and continued flooding, with more rainfall in the forecast.

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