Tech baseball vaccine clinic
Get your popcorn, hot dogs and the Covid-19 vaccine.
The City of Lubbock hosted one of its first pop-up clinics at Dan Law Field on Friday, during the Red Raider baseball game against TCU.
Public Health Director Katherine Wells says the idea didn't come out of left field but is part of the City's plan to do more community outreach.
"We're always willing to be innovative. I like to think that my staff's willing to think outside the box and this is one of the things that we can do to get out here in the community. The goal is to get as many people vaccinated as quickly in our community and this is one way of doing it," Wells said.
Red Raider baseball fans, 18 and older, could get on deck for their single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
The clinic started before the game and ran through the third inning.
Spectator Desmond Vera says he hopes the convenience of the clinic led more people to jump in line. 
"It just shows like how available and how much that like everybody is taking this serious. We want everybody to get vaccinated, so we'll put it at the baseball game, and I was like perfect, I'm going to be there anyways so might as well get it," Vera added.
The health department had 500 doses on hand hoping to strike out Covid-19.
Since the state opened vaccines to all adults, Wells says the baseball game was the perfect place to reach students and a wide range of community members.
Red Raider fan Whitney Gaines says she wanted to give older people and those with health issues the opportunity to get the shot first, but since it was available, she stepped in line.
"I think some people, it's more so like the time management. They, you know, everyone works, everyone's still trying to balance like Covid life, school life. So, I think if they open up more things like this, it's going to get more people like I'm here, might as well just do it," Gaines said.
Wells says you can expect to see many other pop-up clinics like this in the future.
"We're talking to First Friday Art Trail, possibly Cinco de Mayo, some of the other community events. So, we're going to be around, you know, all spring and into the summer offering vaccines out in the community," Wells added.
Since appointments at the Civic Center are slowing down, Wells says this is just one more way to keep Lubbock residents safe.